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We want your Best & Lloyd lighting products to give you pleasure for many years to come, so please follow these care instructions. Before cleaning your lamp or changing the light bulb always ensure that you disconnect your lamp or light from a live electrical source and refrain from using solvents containing alcohol or corrosive chemicals.

Lamps & Lights

Metal and plated lamps should be dusted with a soft, dry, lint-free cloth.

Dust nickel and silver in the same manner, or if required, use a propriety silver cloth to lightly clean. Glass and ceramic lamps and lights should also be dusted with a soft, dry, lint-free cloth and can, if required, be wiped with a damp cloth. Mirrored and glass products should be cleaned using a proprietry glass cleaner on the mirror or glass area only. Clean the frame as described above.


Dust with a soft, dry, lint-free cloth and gently vacuum any corners. Bubbles can occur where there are extreme temperature changes or humidity. Air conditioning combined with sunshine through glazing can cause the lamination to breakdown. If this occurs gentle blow-drying with a hairdryer will, in many cases, allow the fabric to rebond.



In the unlikely event that your lighting products reach you damaged or missing parts, and where liable, we will do our utmost to rectify the situation. However, please be aware that we cannot accept responsibility for: Any damages incurred in transit when using your own shippers. A signature from your couriers on collection that confirms they have received your order in good condition, and that the boxes have been labeled according to their specifications. Any necessary insurance that should be provided by your shippers. Any damages or shortages when goods are not unpacked within four weeks of receipt. Any damages incurred once goods go into a storage depot.



Best & Lloyd is accredited by the Lighting Association’s Code of Practice. All our products are made using the finest materials available and our wiring is assembled to the highest standards. As such, it is warranted that all items are of a quality suitable for contract use. The exception is when a particularly delicate design feature is visibly obvious or drawn to the buyer’s attention.

Every Best & Lloyd product has been tested to CE & UL Standards by LIA and MET Laboratories. All our products are assembled using fully approved CE & UL recognised components to a minimum standard as required by law.


The lighting products you are buying and marketing are designs that belong exclusively to Best & Lloyd. As a representative by proxy of Best & Lloyd, you are expected to do everything in your power to prevent the copying of these designs. Best & Lloyd will actively pursue any infringement of copyright laws.

We ask that you do not send design sheets featuring our products to other manufacturing companies or parties that might attempt to copy them. Also, please let us know of any party found to be reproducing Best & Lloyd products and, if called upon, support us in legal action against them.


The following Terms and Conditions shall apply for all orders and purchases unless otherwise agreed in writing.

All goods must be paid for on a proforma basis unless the customer holds a credit account with Best & Lloyd. In case of non-payment of account when due, we reserve the right to recover from the customer any loss thereby occasioned.

Prices do not include taxes or carriage unless otherwise stated. All measurements are approximate in respect of width, depth and height. Lamps are supplied fully wired and conform to current legislation.

Overseas wiring is in accordance with each country’s requirements. Lamps are not automatically supplied with light bulbs, though they will be provided on request. We can provide a quote for packing and overseas delivery.  Hand blown glass lamps cannot be returned or exchanged. We cannot guarantee that a pair of hand blown lamps will be identical, though every effort will be made to ensure that the match is as close as possible. Bubbles and variations in hand blown glass are to be expected and reflect the artisan nature of the product and material and Best & Lloyd cannot accept liability.

The company does not take responsibility for goods that are damaged in carriage by third party couriers. The company reserves the right to increase prices at any time before delivery by written notice. Cancellations will not be accepted once payment has been received. All goods supplied remain the property of Best & Lloyd until cleared payment is received for the goods supplied. These conditions and the contract shall be subject to and construed in accordance with English law. Copies of the company’s full terms & conditions are available on request.